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Right working method
  • Personal hygiene
  • Colour system
  • Protocols for internal and external biosecurity
  • Walkinglines
HyCare Arjan


A correct and consistent working method is a vital part of the HyCare method. It is an important barrier to prevent existing pathogens from moving around the farm and thereby infecting animals in other pens, departments and stables. A good working method goes beyond the hygiene lock and the supply and removal of animals. There are clear rules for visitors and there are no pets or birds in the stable.

The inspection round from young to old reduces disease transmission, as well as good walking lines and the available materials that are used exclusively within one animal category. For this, use is made of a colour system. There are boots and a separate dispenser per department to quickly disinfect the hands. This is strongly opposed to the spread of infections to other departments, as are the methods of treating a sick animal in a hygienic way or removing a cadaver.